Virtual Car showcases chemistry-driven eMobility solutions

In the automotive industry, pretreatment plays a key role and is essential for the optimal treatment of substrates for car bodies. It not only affords long-term corrosion protection for the most diverse components, but also optimal paint adhesion, as well as bonding or lubrication properties.

From coatings for metals and plastics all the way to fuels and lubricants and many more, Chemetall und BASF offer innovative solutions for automobiles. This also applies for the eMobility sector for which we offer the most diverse technologies. To present our broad product range in a well-structured way, BASF developed the “Virtual Car”. This new, interactive tool showcases the broad portfolio and bundles solutions by Chemetall and BASF to support customers in their efforts of driving innovation for the mobility sector. With the Virtual Car, interested stakeholders can explore individual parts of a car by specific materials or material properties, across all segments of a vehicle.

The interactive tool shows not only the product, but also the different application options. That way, visitors of the website can find out quickly which solutions are best suited to address their needs. The “Virtual Car” therefore offers a 360 view, from a presentation of the products all the way to a description of their applications and, finally, the option to add products and technologies to a virtual favorites list for later use.

The Virtual Car perfectly illustrates how technologies can help solve the challenges facing this industry. Beyond the technical function and the design, designers and engineers can explore new ways to leverage the combined know-how of Chemetall and BASF for surface technologies and many other materials to address the challenges of the automotive industry.

Curious to see which automotive solutions can bring your business forward?

Click here and explore the Virtual Car to learn more about our broad product range for all segments and industry challenges: