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Gardomer® is our brand for high-efficient lubricants for metal forming. Based on polymers, our lubricants offer significant technical, ecological and economic benefits for you.

Our Gardomer® technology is a new generation of lubricant systems for the metal forming industry. It offers maximum forming efficiency and extremely clean surfaces at minimal lubricant film thickness. The application on wires or slugs yields perfect drawing and cold extrusion at low friction, minimal residues and maximum shaping accuracy. The base materials are phosphated, in some cases even metallic bright surfaces – net shape forming is no longer a vision!


Eco-friendly production

Free of heavy metals and mineral oil, Gardomer® considerably minimizes the contamination of tools and downstream cleaning baths resulting in extended service life. The clearly reduced downtimes and disposal costs fulfill the economic and ecological demands on state-of-the-art production methods.


Gardomer® technology

Polymer lubricants of the Gardomer® type are complex formulations based on long-chain organic molecules. They are free from organic solvents and can be easily diluted with water. They are applied by dip and dry-in place.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardomer® L 6332 CHQ-wire
  • Gardomer® L 6329 cold extrusion
  • Gardomer® L 6337 hydroforming
  • Gardomer® L 6302 various demands, bare surface


Industries we serve:

  • Cold Extrusion
  • Wire Drawing


  • State-of-the-art production methods
  • Eco-friendly technologies for more efficiency and sustainability
  • Broad portfolio – from standard to premium applications
  • Globally available technologies




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