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Naftoseal® polysulphide aircraft sealants for OEMs and maintenance are specifically designed to meet the technological requirements of the aerospace industry. Take advantage from a full range of approved, easy-to-use, eco-friendly sealants and sealant removers, which can be combined with automatic cartridge mixing machine, designed for our products.

Our multi-purpose polysulphide aircraft sealants facilitate your production, reduce storage costs and help optimize your processes. A full range of easy-to-use, eco-friendly and approved sealants is available for the OEM and maintenance sectors, for instance

  • fuel tank sealants
  • fuselage sealants
  • aerodynamic smoothing sealants
  • low-adhesion sealants
  • low-density sealants

This product portfolio is complemented by

  • adhesion promoters
  • sealant removers
  • MCI mixer for sealant cartridges


Naftoseal® aircraft sealants – leading technology for your applications

Our sealants offer you eco-friendly properties: all components are chromate-free, solvent-free or very low in solvent content. The application characteristics boast good thixotropic properties (no slump), fast tack-free and cure rates – both enable you to enjoy higher production rates.

Additional advantages are low-temperature flexibility, good adhesion to various substrates and an excellent resistance to numerous aerospace chemicals.

Our high quality technologies hold a full range of all major OEM and maintenance approvals.


Adhesion promoters - easily applied

Naftoseal® adhesion promoters enable you to achieve secure, good adhesion, even if you work with difficult substrates. Besides the improved adhesion quality, our one-component adhesion promoters offer numerous other advantages, like easy application and high flashpoints (> 30 °C), to name but a few.


MCI mixer - simply good

The MCI sealant cartridge mixer is the solution for most of the problems that might occur with manual mixing: it ensures excellent, consistent sealant mix without air intrusion. As it is air driven, it can be operated close to the point of use of the sealant and, if necessary, in flame-proof areas.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Naftoseal®
  • Naftosolv


Industries we serve:

  • Aerospace


  • Full range of approved technologies
  • Eco-friendly and easy-to-use products
  • Multi-purpose products
  • Low-density, low-adhesion and specialty sealants
  • Specific equipment




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