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Interleaving Powders

During the transport of float glass, adhesive forces and chemical reactions can cause the panes to stick together so strongly that they cannot be separated again later on. Furthermore, transportation or storage creates a risk of glass surface corrosion. Chemetall´s innovative interleavant powders can effectively counter adhesion or scratching of panes as well as surface corrosion.


First-class raw materials and quality control

In addition to traditional powder products providing corrosion protection, we offer liquid products which can be sprayed onto the float glass in the form of an aqueous solution. For the whole product range, Chemetall ensures the use of only first-class raw materials and continually monitors quality control so that our customers can profit from our know-how for a particularly long time.


Our Technology Portfolio:

  • Interleaving powders
  • Liquid anti-stain products for spray application
  • Interleaving powders with (anti-stain) properties


Industries we serve:

  • Glass producing industry
  • Glass processing industry
  • Flat glass industry
  • Optical glass industry


  • Globally available powder and spray products
  • Complete washability without leaving any residues
  • Specially defined grain size distribution
  • Also available with corrosion protection



Alain Bretthauer
Global Segment Manager Glass

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