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The glass processing industry benefits from our comprehensive product portfolio. As one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of auxiliary chemical materials, we are capable to provide our customers with high-performance interleaving powders, coolants and cutting fluids as well as add-on product solutions covering all aspects of the modern glass producing and processing.


Washing and cleaning

The washing and cleaning process is an important procedural step in glass processing – particularly in the finishing process. Our special detergents ensure that no contamination of any kind remains on the glass surface that might lead to rejection of the glass later on. For cleaning we also recommend our special glass and equipment cleaners which, unlike the usual domestic cleaners, do not contain silicone.



Polishing agents are used wherever brilliant glass edges are required. We offer qualities of cerium oxide with a defined grain size distribution in order to ensure a perfect polishing result.

In addition we offer polishing agents prior to silvering and coating.


Corrosion Coating

Surface coating technologies from Chemetall are easy to apply and offer protection against corrosion and staining.



In most float glass plants the glass is checked using automatic defect detection. For these systems, Chemetall offers quick drying defect marking inks of various colors which leave no residue after washing. For marking by hand we provide special marking sticks.



During the grinding process, small particles of glass are accumulated enter in the grinding solution thereby gradually reducing the quality of the process. Chemetall offers flocculants in powder and liquid form for cleaning the grinding solution, making it useable for a longer period.


Insulating glass products

In close cooperation with customers, Chemetall has developed a range of products especially for the insulating glass industry. These include solvents, freezer liquids, separating agents for stillage supports and machinery parts, as well as lubricants for bending the spacer bars.


  • Complete portfolio to cover all needs for glass processing industry
  • High quality products
  • Comprehensive technical service and expertise



Alain Bretthauer
Global Segment Manager Glass

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