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As a surface treatment specialist, we are considered a strong and innovative partner in the field of appliances including HVAC. With our new eco-friendly processes and our global presence, we meet your demands for local support with top-quality and efficient treatment processes.

The appliances sector is a market with a broad customer structure, diverse requirement profiles, high quality demands, and a strong cost pressure. With our broad and high performing portfolio of specialty technologies, we contribute to increasing the profitability and efficiency of your pretreatment. This includes local technical support services to optimally adjust the process window right from the start. And this is important, since the steel sheets used as base materials are often exposed to largely varying conditions.


Committed to the environment

Avoiding processes that contain chromium or nickel is a great concern in the household appliances sector. As a surface treatment specialist, we recognized the signs of the time and already by the mid-nineties and established alternatives in the market. This includes nickel-free manganese phosphating for compressors as well as the Gardobond® X- or silane-based Oxsilan® technologies. With our environmentally compatible processes, you can achieve significant process cost savings, reduce environmental concerns and increase the workplace safety for your employees at the same time - a benefit on all levels.


Close cooperation for your success

As a global leading company, we cooperate with all major manufacturers in the household appliances industry and are familiar with the high quality demands of the market. Metal substrates must withstand a humid climate, high moisture and varying temperatures and pass typical tests such as hot and boiling tests. To integrate excellent functionalities and a premium design into the development, our surface treatment experts cooperate with you and the paint supplier right from the beginning and, upon request, also with the equipment manufacturer. This is what we refer to as “Simultaneous Engineering“: jointly planning the success right from the start.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardacid® cleaners
  • Gardobond® conversion coating
  • Gardoclean® cleaners
  • Gardocool® coolants
  • Gardofloc® paint detackification
  • Gardolene® activation and passivation agents
  • Gardostrip® paint strippers
  • Maintenance chemicals
  • Oxsilan® eco-friendly, multi-metal thin-film technology


  • Broad portfolio of eco-friendly, nickel-free and chrome-free processes
  • Well known brand manufacturers worldwide trust in our high-quality processes
  • Global key account for global customers
  • Expertise combined with comprehensive technical support services




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