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Simulating your pretreatment process in our laboratories is a regular customer request for us. In our technical laboratory, we can reproduce complex pretreatment sequences in the same way as coldforming processes. This way, you can rest assured that the individual process steps are fine-tuned to suit each other and can be smoothly integrated into your plant.

Metal pretreatment is a key step prior to painting. It affords corrosion protection and improves paint adhesion. Besides conventional chromating and iron and zinc phosphating processes we have also developed eco-friendly alternative processes such as the Oxsilan® technology, for example. Our extensive product portfolio enables us to offer you a choice of adequate cleaning and pickling agents as well as many other specialty chemicals suited for your pretreatment process.


Reproducing customer pretreatment processes

To ensure that the pretreatment process runs smoothly in your plant, we can simulate the individual process steps in our technical laboratory before commercial application. Test panels or test specimen – depending on the size of your application – will be treated in various tanks from cleaning through to rinsing – just like in your plant.

The following process units are available in our technical laboratory:

  • Immersion/dipping plant
  • Spraying plant
  • Combination of immersion and spraying plant
  • Roll coater

Experienced specialists monitor the tests and ensure that the corresponding treating times and thus your pretreatment process is reproduced 1:1.


Non-cutting coldforming

In the non-cutting coldforming of a workpiece, external forces act on the workpiece (tensile, compression and shear stresses) beyond the yield point of the material. A tool is used to adjust the shape of the now ductile material. The shape changes without preheating of the workpiece, and the temperature during coldforming remains well below 500°C (recrystallization point of non-alloyed steel).

We offer a broad range of chemicals for the treatment of surfaces prior to and after coldforming. We can reproduce you process in our technical laboratory based on your specifications.

In our technical laboratory, the following coldforming processes are available:

  • Drawing of tubes
  • Drawing of wires
  • Cold extrusion




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