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Cleaning is a mandatory process stage prior to any surface treatment. With Gardoclean® we offer you a broad range of highly efficient and eco-friendly cleaner technologies to meet the variety of your demands.

The cleaning step is for most of applications a mandatory process prior to any further surface treatment activities. The efficiency of the process correlates directly with the quality of the final product. The cleaning stage provides a residue-free and wettable surface, which meets the requirements of the following process steps, usually a water-based conversion coating.

We offer you an extensive selection of Gardoclean® cleaners including alkaline, acid, electro and neutral cleaners, which are effective on a broad range of substrates. Whatever your requirements are, our Gardoclean® cleaners provide environmental compliance, energy savings, bath life extension, and other valuable benefits.

Chemetall has the technology and expertise to meet all your cleaning needs.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Low-temperature operation
  • Phosphate and phosphate‐free solutions
  • Low foaming
  • Multi‐metal capabilities from a single product
  • Efficient and timely technical service
  • Choice of emulsifying or demulsifying
  • Customized surfactant packages
  • Powders or liquids available


Industries we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Aluminium Finishing
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Automotive Components
  • Coil, Steel & Alu Mills
  • General Industry
  • Heavy Equipment, Off-Road
  • Metal Forming


  • Broad range of cleaners worldwide available
  • Eco-friendly, phosphate-free cleaners




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