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Glass Cutting Fluids

The selection of the right cutting fluid is of utmost importance to the overall glass processing as it has a direct influence on the subsequent production processes. To meet modern production processes Chemetall has developed a wide range of special cutting fluid technologies.

The cutting process is the elementary processing step in glass processing – this applies to the manufacture of float glass sheets as well as to downstream processing. With exact cutting and perfectly cut edges, adverse effects on subsequent production processes can be avoided, thereby achieving noticeable savings in processing costs. For this reason, the choice of suitable cutting fluids is of great importance.


Low consumption, high material compatibility

Our cutting fluids are characterized by low consumption rates and are produced from the purest components. The criteria for choosing the ideal cutting fluid are numerous – Chemetall is glad to assist you in selecting the right product for your application.


Technology Portfolio:

Evaporating cutting fluids:

  • Complete evaporation without leaving any residues
  • No interference with subsequent process
  • Excellent cutting and snapping characteristics
  • Reduced processing costs
  • No danger of damage to the coating
  • Adjusted evaporation time
  • Consistent evaporation characteristics

Washable cutting fluids:

  • Complete washability
  • Excellent cutting and breaking characteristics even with thick glass and shape cutting
  • Reduced production costs


Industries we serve:

  • Glass producing industry
  • Glass processing industry
  • Flat glass industry
  • Optical glass industry


  • Advanced cutting fluids for modern production processes
  • Excellent cutting and breaking characteristics
  • Low consumption, thus optimized production costs



Alain Bretthauer
Global Segment Manager Glass

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