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Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy

Health and environmental protection as well as occupational and safety are, together with quality assurance, indispensable elements of our business activities. Our organizational structures are regularly reviewed to evaluate, if they still meet our high demands. If not they are updated immediately.

Our principles concerning health and environmental protection as well as occupational and safety are stipulated in our Quality- respectively SHE-Management Guide. The following principles shall apply and we pursue the following goals on the field of health and environmental protection as well as occupational and plant safety:


1. Health and environmental protection as well as occupational and laboratory safety are values to which we are committed and which are equivalent to the economic goals of our company.

2. Having the responsibility for employees who are affected by our activities, we ensure occupational safety and health through the use of adequate processes and programs as well as by prevention. Our employees are aware of their responsibility for themselves and for their colleagues, and they act in line with the principles of our SHE Policy.

3. To us, health and environmental protection as well as occupational and safety mean acting in full agreement with the applicable laws and regulations. Having responsibility for our employees, society and the environment we will take additional action as necessary above that which may be required by the authorities, and we implement such measures in our own responsibility beyond the scope of the law.

4. The prevention and reduction of environmental effects during the production, storage, transport and use of our products and their subsequent disposal are the goal and permanent challenge of research, development and production.

5. Raw materials and recyclable waste are used to the extent possible, and energy sources are consumed economically to protect the environment and the resources. Waste that can be neither recycled nor reused is safely disposed of in accordance with existing regulations.

6. Our employees’ knowledge is continuously improved through various programs, such as technical information, repeated training and regular education.

7. We are in contact with our neighbours and inform them on our activities at our laboratories; in doing so it is our aim to reduce existing concerns regarding our activities.

8. We seek an open exchange of information with the authorities and we cooperate with them to resolve environmental and safety issues.

9. We inform our customers comprehensively on the environment and safety related properties of our products and we continuously seek to improve our knowledge of these properties.

10. To reach our SHE goals, we utilize in our facilities modern, state-of-the-art processes and equipment and we apply best available occupational practices in our investment policy and our control measures.

11. We regularly control and review the environmental effects of our operations, and we use any information gained through such reviews to operate and optimize our facilities and their work places in such a way as to minimize the effects of our activities on the environment and our employees’ health.

12. The principles of our company-wide continuous improvement process are applied to health and environmental protection as well as occupational and safety in the same way as to all of Chemetall's other activities.


Our Management Board and Site Managements review these policy guidelines on a regular basis to evaluate if they apply to the internal and external demands. If necessary these guidelines will be adjusted.


  • Environmental protection, occupational health and safety as integral part of our company policy
  • Quality management for sustainable growth
  • Safeguarding of ideal organizational structures



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