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Innovative cleaning technologies for recycling processes of plastics

Removing residues, labels and adhesives from bottle material is a crucial step in plastics and PET recycling. Special cleaning agents and defoamers ensure increased productivity and safety of recycling processes.


Chemetall develops reliable solutions that process the plastic material with efficient cleaners and defoamers in a water and material saving manner. This can significantly reduce costs and increase the quality retention of the material. Plastic flakes processed with Chemetall technologies meet the strictest quality regulations, compatible with the requirements of the food industry. Our products Gardoclean® , Gardobond® additive , Gardo®Pure , and Gardofloc® offer the highest standards for exceptional results in washing and wastewater treatment – including savings of 10-30 percent* in energy consumption, wastewater, and overall process costs vs. traditional processes.

*(Savings are dependent on the plants and process requirements.)


Comprehensive solutions for high quality and consistency

Whether automotive manufacturers, the consumer goods industry, or the apparel and textile sectors, more and more producers are turning to PET recycled material. Due to legal requirements and initiatives, like the European Green Deal, as well as an increased awareness of the need for sustainable use of resources, the market with products made from recycled plastic is growing. Chemetall has more than 20 years of experience in the treatment of plastics and offers technologies for significant preservation of PET flakes, which is important for the reuse and the development of a circular economy.


Cost-effective and sustainable processes

The increasing amount of plastic materials in the environment due to improper disposal is one of the biggest eco-challenges facing global society.

Chemetall is actively engaged in addressing this issue by developing tailored and coordinated solutions for plastic recycling. We combine our knowledge of cleaning and wastewater treatment to fit your plants and processes. Our products are specially designed to reduce the general use of hazardous substances, cut water consumption, and save energy.


Complementary product range for integrated process design


Cleaning solutions for:

  • A wide variety of contaminants and substrates
  • All types of adhesives
  • Separation and cleaning of multilayer films/trays
  • Wetting agents
  • Defoamers
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment


  • More than 20 years of experience in plastics treatment
  • Global expertise and local service for all PET recycling processes
  • Complete solutions for washing and wastewater treatment processes



Carlo Bouwmeester
Global Segment Manager Plastics