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Metal Forming

In the field of metal forming, we offer a broad and strong portfolio of products for non-cutting cold forming applications. Our surface treatment technologies offer significant application benefits and ensure an optimized, cost-efficient process flow.

Our customers from the metalworking industry benefit from our high-performance products and processes offering distinct advantages: excellent cleaning performance, improved lubrication properties, maximum forming efficiency and long-term corrosion protection - of course always with due consideration for the ecological requirements of a modern production facility.

The surface treatment for non-cutting cold forming is our home turf. Here, we offer a comprehensive and high-performance product portfolio for tube drawing, wire drawing or cold extrusion. Combined with our longstanding experience and competent advice, we are the partner of choice when it comes to optimizing your sometimes complex production flows.


Tube industry – from the tube blank to the precision tube

Modern tube manufacturing requires efficient cleaning chemicals as well as pickling inhibitors, activating and neutralizing agents. In the field of conversion coatings, high-performance technologies based on zinc or zinc/calcium are available. These products are of course also available in nickel- and nitrate-free versions. For high-alloy substrates and stainless steels we recommend using our oxalation products. The reactive soaps, drawing oil and Gardomer® lubricants from our company have become a global standard in the manufacture of high-quality tubes and surfaces.


Wire industry – from cold heading to spring steel wire

We offer high-performance products and processes for the drawing of steel. The portfolio includes efficient cleaning and phosphate removal chemicals as well as pickling inhibitors and activating and neutralizing agents. A large number of modern technologies with and without nickel for all types of wire manufacture – from low-carbon to high-carbon iron and steel wires – are available. Energy-saving low-temperature processes, high-performance zinc/calcium processes and sludge-free electrolytic applications offer an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible method of manufacture. Salt carriers, Gardomer® lubricants and reactive soaps complement our strong product portfolio.


Cold extrusion – complex geometries extruded net shape

Chemetall’s innovative high-performance products offer the optimal solution for all applications. Our lubricants in the form of water-soluble MoS2 dispersions or the Gardomer® lubricants give excellent extrusion results, even in the case of difficult part geometries and a high degree of forming. The resulting parts are near net shape or in part also net shape. With our extensive range of corrosion protection agents, cleaning and phosphate removal products, pickling inhibitors, activating and neutralizing agents, we offer all chemicals required for a high-performance and cost-efficient process workflow.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardobond®-Additive H pickling inhibitors
  • Gardobond® CU electroless copper plating
  • Gardobond® Z and Gardobond AS conversion coatings
  • Gardoclean® cleaning agents
  • Gardoclean® S phosphate removal agents
  • Gardolene® V activating and neutralizing agents
  • Gardolube® L, Gardolube® RS, Gardomer® L lubricants
  • Gardolube® SC lubricant carriers
  • Gardorol® CP corrosion protection agents


  • High-performance product portfolio for the cold forming of metals
  • Sustainable success thanks to processes that are fit for the future
  • Efficient, cost-optimized and environmentally-sound production
  • Work hygiene and environmental responsibility are the focus of our R&D efforts
  • Competent on-site service
  • Supplier of innovative technologies




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