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Non-Destructive Testing for the Aerospace and General Industries

Chemetall is your one-stop supplier of approved NDT products for all industry sectors. Whenever you need to perform liquid penetrant or magnetic particle testing, we can offer you the optimum products and processes, combined and enhanced by expert service and specialized NDT equipment.

Specialty chemistry, metal, surface technology – these are the “roots” of Chemetall. A distinctive feature lies in our global orientation coupled with closeness to our customers. So it was logical for us to become involved very early in non-destructive material testing, i.e. PT and MT.


The ABC of NDT: Our brands

Chemetall’s proven, high-performance Ardrox® chemicals for NDT in the aerospace industry have been specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of the international aerospace and military quality standards. But the high quality of the available NDT products and services has also convinced the automobile industry and its component supplier market, general industry and all areas of energy generation and transportation. Our Britemor®, Checkmor®, Lumor® and Supramor® products have been customized to fulfill the requirements of those markets and hold all major approvals, too.


Our tradition: technological and ecological innovations

Competence grows with experience! Chemetall knows and has been solving the challenges in non-destructive material testing for more than 60 years now. The first Ardrox® product was approved as early as in the year 1948. Many innovative products have followed since then; for instance, Chemetall was one of the first companies to introduce azo-dye-free products. Chemetall is also one of the pioneers in the use of NPE-free penetrants.

The new generation of our ARDROX® fluorescent penetrants for the aerospace industry continues this innovative tradition. These new-generation eco-friendly products are low in odour and characterised by a high wetting ability, can be easily washed off and have excellent sensitivity and background characteristics.


Penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing for aerospace and general industry

Our PT product range is represented by the renowned ARDROX®, Britemor® and Checkmor® brands with the following product groups:

  • fluorescent/water-washable penetrants (oil-based, surfactant-based and water-based)
  • fluorescent/post-emulsifiable penetrants
  • colour-contrast penetrants
  • penetrant removers
  • developers

Chemetall’s proven MT products are marketed under their well-known ARDROX®, Lumor® and Supramor® brands comprising

  • fluorescent magnetic inks
  • black magnetic inks and white contrast paints
  • carrier oils
  • removers



Selected products around your non-destructive testing processes are available from Chemetall, such as

  • ultraviolet inspection lamps
  • stationary UV lamps
  • UV and white light measuring equipment
  • permanent magnets and electromagnets
  • magnetic field indicators
  • field strength indicators
  • UV light protective glasses
  • refractometers
  • certified test panels for plant and process testing

Our own long-standing experience in connection with numerous proven partnerships, for example, with the manufacturers of PT-lines and magnet banks, has created the best prerequisites for the development of holistic solutions.


Global service

Chemetall supports customers’ processes continually and competently. Trained NDT experts are globally available for your questions at all levels regarding your process. This broadly diversified competence is also requested elsewhere: Chemetall experts, for example, sit on the various committees which take part in discussions to define standards, rules and norms concerning non-destructive material testing.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Ardrox® NDT products for the aerospace industry
  • Britemor®, Checkmor® PT products for the general industry
  • Lumor®, Supramor® MT products for the general industry


  • High-tech eco-friendly products for fast and safe detection of indications
  • Comprehensive range of approvals for a wide range of applications
  • Integrated solutions: products, equipment and service from one source
  • Global presence and local NDT expert support





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