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Metal Forming Lubricants

Our lubricants offer you clear advantages for a variety of applications. They have become a global standard in the manufacture of high-quality metal forming processes such as tube and wire drawing and cold extrusion.

Lubricants are typically used to avoid friction moving parts in a system. This has the benefit of reducing friction, cold shut and surface fatigue, reducing heat generation, operating noise and vibrations.

Our high-performance lubricants offer enhanced performance features: They increase tool and die life, cleanliness in the operation, provide excellent corrosion protection, and low moisture absorption.

Other benefits include:

  • Minimization of metal surface damage, thus fewer rejects
  • Reduction of heat generated, preventing residue build-up, keeping dies cool, and extending tool and die life
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Higher drawing speeds
  • Better surface quality


Our technology range:

  • Gardolube® L cold heading oils
  • Gardolube® L reactive soaps
  • Gardolube® L emulsion
  • Gardomer® L polymer coatings
  • Gardolube® RS reactive oils
  • Gardolube® SC salt carriers


Industries we serve:

  • Metal Forming
  • Wire Drawing
  • Tube Drawing
  • Cold Extrusion


  • High-performance lubricants for diversified applications
  • Efficient, cost-optimized and environmentally-sound production
  • Competent on-site service – globally available




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