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Gardofloc® is our paint detackification technology. It ensures that paint overspray particles are effectively washed out of the air by recirculated water.

In many industrial environments, like metalworking and plastics, wet-painting is preferred for quality reasons. By the nature of the process, not every particle of paint lands where it should. This overspray is held in the surrounding air and our Gardofloc® paint detackification technology ensures that, in water-wash spray cabins, these particles are washed out of the air by recirculated water.

The range of applications covers all known paint systems – from the solvent-based paints and lacquers to clearcoats that are difficult to detackify as well as hydro-soft paint systems. The objective of coagulation is to bind tacky paint particles as a detackified substance, which virtually eliminates malfunctions in paint-lines and knock-on effects in the production process.


Gardofloc® for maximized service lifetime

With Gardofloc® we offer you a technology for all needs relating to water treatment for paint detackification. Our effective and state-of-the-art process are a key contribution to prevent the build-up of contamination in machine components. It maximizes the service lifetime of your paint-line and enables longer periods of water usability, which reduces costs arising from machine downtimes.


Our technology range:

  • Gardofloc® Q


Industries we serve:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Automotive Components
  • General Industry
  • Heavy Equipment, Off-Road


  • State-of-the-art detackification technologies
  • All common paint systems can be treated
  • Maximized service lifetime of the paint-line
  • Enables cost-saving due to eco-friendly detackification
  • Reduced water consumption




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