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Corrosion and Technology Testing

Corrosion causes annual costs of several billion euros in Germany alone. As a specialist for Surface Treatment, we have for many years been contributing materially to the improvement of corrosion protection.

Corrosion affects all industrial sectors. Companies and experts from industry and academia are making great efforts to minimize production and performance losses caused by corrosion and the damages resulting therefrom.

Our company contributes essentially to the improvement corrosion protection. This is evidenced by manifold product innovations for a variety of markets and applications. In our excellently equipped technical laboratory we also offer a wide range of corrosion and technology tests. These include, for example:

  • All salt spray tests pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9227 (NSS, AASS and CASS)
  • Condensation water testing climates pursuant to DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (CH, AHT and AT)
  • Outdoor exposure test according to VDA 621-414
  • Various cycle tests according to DIN EN ISO 11997-1, Zyclus B (=VDA 621-415), VDA 233-102
  • Cyclic tests according to customer specifications, e.g. P V 1210, Ford BI 123-01, GMW 14872
  • Filiform corrosion tests, e.g. according to DIN EN 3665 or DIN EN ISO 4623 or customer-specific tests like for example Daimler PAPP PWT 3002
  • Cross-hatch test pursuant to DIN EN ISO 2409
  • Chipping corrosion tests pursuant to DIN EN ISO 20567-2 and SAE J 400

Further tests upon request.


Renowned companies rely on Chemetall

Companies from the automotive, automotive supplier and general industries rely on the high quality of our products and on our good reputation in the field of technical services. Customer demands growing over the years and our clear focus on technical services have ensured that our technical laboratory in Frankfurt is always state of the art.


  • Enhanced corrosion protection due to a wide range of short-term and long-term tests
  • Our technical laboratory – fully equipped and always state of the art
  • Suited for a wide range of corrosion and technology tests
  • Other individual tests upon request




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