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Permatreat® is one of our brands for high-efficient metal pretreatment technologies for aluminium and zinc-coated substrates. The brand covers chromate-free aluminium pretreatment technologies for can-end stock and food container as well as architectural applications on multi-metal substrates.

Permatreat® has proven to be successful in millions of cases. Worldwide it is regarded as a reliable metal pretreatment prior to painting as it provides excellent corrosion protection and ensures very good adhesion to subsequent painting. With Permatreat® we offer you a range of highly-efficient technologies. The most famous product out of our portfolio is the chrome-free Permatreat® 1903 process.


Chrome-free aluminium pretreatment for can-end stock and food container

Permatreat® 1903 was the first chrome-free pretreatment for can-end stock to be applied in the marketplace. Today, it is being used to manufacture a significant proportion of the total aluminium can-end stock market globally. Performance has also been recognized to outperform chrome-phosphate. These results have been repeatedly moved across a wide variety of lacquers in many detailed studies carried out by our customers. Permatreat® 1903 has been developed for can-end stock and the food container market and provides excellent results in both cases.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Permatreat® 1903 chrome-free aluminium pretreatment for food packaging
  • Permatreat® 1700 chromate-free aluminium pretreatment for food packaging
  • Permatreat® 1020 A chrome-free aluminium pretreatment for architectural applications
  • Permatreat® 1500 multi-metal pretreatment for architectural applications
  • Rinse and no-rinse processes available


Industries we serve:

  • Aluminium Can-End Stock and Food Container
  • Appliances
  • Architectural Construction
  • General Industry


  • Broad portfolio – from standard to premium applications
  • Globally available




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