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The Ardrox® brand is a well-established products range for the aerospace industry. It includes high-performance cleaner, pretreatment, paint stripper, corrosion protection and non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies.

In the aerospace industry the Ardrox® brand is worldwide acknowledged as the leading brand of cleaning technologies such as paint and scale removers, exterior aircraft cleaners, gas turbine engine compressor cleaners. The brand is also famously associated with materials for non-destructive testing, particularly its range of dye penetrants and magnetic inks, for finding surface defects. Paint strippers, corrosion inhibiting compounds and temporary protective compounds for both aircraft and aero engines in manufacture, maintenance, repair and overhaul rounds-off our broad portfolio.


Ardrox® - Innovative for more than 60 years

We know and have been solving the challenges in non-destructive material testing for more than 60 years. The first Ardrox® technology was approved as early as in the year 1948. Many innovative products have followed since then: for instance, as one of the first companies we introduced products free of the carcinogenic azo dyes. We are also one of the pioneers in the use of NPE-free penetrants. Benefit also from our new generation technologies, which are low odor and characterized by a high wetting ability, which can be easily washed off and have excellent background characteristics.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Ardrox® cleaners
  • Ardrox® pretreatment
  • Ardrox® paint strippers
  • Ardrox® and Ardrox® AV corrosion protection
  • Ardrox® non-destructive testing (NDT)


Industries we serve:

  • Aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Aircraft and aero engines manufacturing


  • 60+ years of experience with Ardrox® technologies
  • Global presence and local expert support
  • Comprehensive range of approvals for a wide range of applications
  • All major quality certifications available




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