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Paint Application

Paints and varnishes afford surface protection and finishing. As a leading player in Surface Treatment, we offer optimum paint results thanks to an excellent surface pretreatment and a close exchange with all leading paint suppliers.

Paints and varnishes afford corrosion protection, color competence and scratch-proof surfaces. In the metal working industry, they are used in almost all fields of application such as for example the coating of household appliances and automobiles, electronic components or in the construction industry.

We are the experts for the treatment of metal surfaces before they enter the paint shop. A close cooperation with all important market leaders in the field of painting is essential for this because, at the end of the process chain, only the paint system in combination with the adequate pretreatment process will generate a quality result that will satisfy your needs.

We conduct customer-specific paint tests on test panels or on your components. The following coating methods are available to this effect:

  • Electro-coating
  • Spray coating, automatically or manually
  • Powder coating
  • Simulation coil coating


  • Close cooperation with all renowned paint suppliers
  • Customer-specific paint coating on components or test panels
  • Variety of coating methods




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