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Our Gardacid® pickling products efficiently remove residues such as contaminants, scale and rust from metal surfaces. A broad portfolio of eco-friendly technologies is available in the same way as conventional ones.

Pickling represents an important process step in the cleaning of metal substrates. It removes contaminants like scale and rust from the metal surface.

Our high-performance Gardacid® technologies provide efficient rust removal and enhance temporary corrosion protection. In addition, they contribute to an improved temper rolling / skin-pass rolling process.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Eco-friendly and borate-free cleaners
  • Fluoride-free pickling products
  • Temper rolling/ skin pass rolling liquids
  • Based on hydrochloric acid, nitric acid or sulphamic acid


Industries we serve:

  • Heavy Equipment, Off-Road
  • Aluminum Finishing
  • Automotive Components
  • General Industry
  • Appliances


  • Eco-friendly processes for added quality and economic efficiency
  • Worldwide harmonized product and service standards




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