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Glass Processing Industry

Our flat glass and optical glass industry customers benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of auxiliary chemical materials rounded-off by our extensive glass processing knowledge and a fully equipped laboratory to ensure best technical services.

The core of our glass business activities is to develop optimal solutions for the float glass and the optics industry, primarily in the areas of cutting, separating and grinding. On top, we offer additional products to complete our portfolio for advanced glass processing.


Well-equipped laboratory

Our products are developed in our own research laboratory, which is unique in the world. On more than 400 m², it is equipped with the most modern analyzing technology, equipment for product characterization as well as numerous devices to determine the chemical and physical parameters of liquids and solids.



As one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of auxiliary chemical materials for the glass industry, our customers can benefit both from our high quality products accompanied by comprehensive technical services and our extensive physical and chemical knowledge of glass and its surface – acquired over many decades.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Interleaving powders
  • Cutting fluids
  • Coolant technologies
  • Glass processing related products, such as cleaners, washing compounds, polishing agents, marking products, flocculants, coatings, insulating glass products


  • Complete portfolio for advanced glass processing
  • Comprehensive technical services
  • Excellent equipped laboratory
  • Long-term and extensive knowledge



Alain Bretthauer
Global Segment Manager Glass

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