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Heavy Equipment & Off-Road

Surface treatment put to test: A multitude of standards, diverse base materials and extreme conditions in everyday life. The requirements of the heavy equipment and off-road industry are very demanding. Our eco-friendly and efficient technologies ensure an excellent and long-term surface quality.

Off-road vehicles, construction equipment, industrial machines and agricultural vehicles are subject to high expectations: they must be robust and sometimes tough conditions and yet the same time remain functional over a long period of time. Quality and design have been for many years and are becoming even more so important purchasing criteria. With our system solutions, you are driving on the safe side concerning corrosion protection and excellent paint adhesion.


Standardized surface technology

As a leading global company in the field of surface technology, it is our daily business to develop strong and versatile solutions. Our broad range of eco-friendly nickel- and chrome-free processes supports you with a view to the cost efficiency of your production operations as well as the fulfilment of your discerning quality requirements.

Your metal pretreatment is our focus. With our many years of experience and our comprehensive technical support services, we share with you our advice right from the start. In this way, we can ensure that your individual requirements and standards are met reliably.

It does not matter if you work with thin or thick sheets, hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel or scaled steel – we respond to such challenges with our tailored range of processes based on our speciality chemistry.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardobond® conversion coating
  • Gardoclean® cleaners
  • Gardocool® coolants
  • Gardofloc® paint detackification
  • Gardolene® activation and passivation agents
  • Gardostrip® paint stripper
  • Maintenance® chemicals
  • Oxsilan® eco-friendly thin-film technology


  • Eco-friendly processes for added economic efficiency and quality
  • Customer standards and specifications are met with a broad process window
  • Many companies around the world which are household names rely on our processes
  • Comprehensive technical support services for sustainable success
  • Comprehensive expertise – globally and locally




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