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Automotive Components

Chemetall offers advanced and eco-friendly surface treatment technologies for automotive components and several industry applications, such as cleaning, painting, bonding, or machining. Whether for aluminum wheels, bumpers or diesel injection systems, chassis and suspension or powertrain (piston, gears and bearings) – you can rely on our sustainable premium solutions for the most diverse fields of application.

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Steel, aluminum or plastics – Chemetall offers high-performance pretreatment technologies for all substrates and the components manufactured from these materials. Our large and sustainable portfolio of specialty chemicals support process savings with lower temperature, longer service life (effluent reduction, lower water consumption), and are safer and more convenient to use.


Ecological sustainability

Gardobond® X 4661, also known as the SAM technology (Self-Assembling-Molecules), was already being sold as the first metal- and chromium-free pretreatment technology for aluminum wheels – long before chromium-based technologies were banned by law. This is Chemetall’s ambition: to develop tomorrow’s technologies today.

Gardoflex® is the advanced Zinc-Phosphate process to reduce sludge, wastewater and energy. Oxsilan® is the advanced thin-film-conversion prior painting, respecting environmental aspects with a lower footprint through reduction of sludge as well as water and energy consumption. At the same time, it is nickel free.

Chemetall has a complete portfolio of room temperature technologies to support CO2 reduction, from cleaner to conversion coatings. Our brand new “P” and “N” product portfolio from cleaner to conversion developed for Chinese market is more respectful of environment with supporting our customers to respect.


Broad product portfolio for diverse applications

As a worldwide market leader in technology, we work with all major automotive suppliers and system manufacturers in the field of surface treatment prior painting, bonding, welding and for machining. Through close partnerships, Chemetall develops processes that perfectly match industry needs, help to improve quality, reduce process cost and footprint impact, and increase productivity. The broad product portfolio allows it to deliver solutions for complete pretreatment process – from machining to cleaning and conversion coating for steel, aluminum and plastic components, paint detackification, Non- Destructive Testing, PaintShop Maintenance, Rust Protection, for transportation.

Improve your productivity with combining Chemetall’s coolants for machining operation with cleaners for better quality, lower cost, and full compatibility of products. Our experts will support you to improve your added value through our broad portfolio.

The automotive market is seeing disruptive trends through autonomous driving and e-mobility. OEMs and suppliers must adapt by introducing new materials or new processes. welding will be more and more replaced by bonding, substrates will focus on light materials (Al, Mg, Plastics, Hybrids).

Sustainability with environmentally sound processes and chemicals will be more and more relevant and linked to local and regional regulations. At the same time, the industry faces challenges to reduce their overall impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. Beside competitive environment to bring to their customer E-mobility Solution without huge cost impact, OEM are always looking for better quality and productivity, and as OEM direct supplier, Chemetall supports to master these challenges in proactive way and with a broad network of experts and a wide-ranging technology portfolio.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardoclean® : cleaning agents
  • Gardacid® : etching agents
  • Gardobond® conversion coating
  • Gardolene® activation and passivation agents
  • Oxsilan® : thin-film Eco-friendly technology suited for multi-metal applications
  • Techcool® : Metal Working Fluids for machining and stamping applications
  • Gardofloc® paint detackification
  • Gardoprep® : Plastic preparation
  • Gardorol® / Protech®: Rust Preventive
  • Gardostrip®: Paint Stripper and Purge Cleaner
  • X-Mor®: Non- destructive testing
  • Maintenance chemicals


  • Well known brand manufacturers around the world, including Automotive OEM’s
  • trust our customized solutions comprised of extensive technical services
  • sustainable success
  • ease of use, and robust and eco-friendly technology
  • We support your projects and processes for added cost efficiency, unmatched and quality wide-ranging expertise at both the global and local level.




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