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Gardo® Plus

Improved quality at reduced process cost. This is in short the major benefit of the phosphate-free
Gardo® Plus pretreatment technology. It fulfills today’s demand for an easy to
apply, eco-friendly and multi-metal process.


Eco-friendly pretreatment

The multi-metal Gardo® Plus technology is free from phosphate or toxic heavy metals such as nickel or chrome. Consequently, its application does not require a complex cleaning of baths and expensive disposal of toxic phosphate sludge. Moreover, the process is also largely free from volatile organic compounds (VOC-free).


Modules for tailor-made pretreatment

The advantages of the Gardo® Plus system lies in the large number of high-performance modules. Depending on the customer needs, the substrate throughput, the plant technology available as well as local market conditions and legal regulations, Chemetall chooses and combines the most suitable modules for each application and production line. As the technology is easy to implement in existing production lines, many customers have already benefited from the advantage and quality of Gardo® Plus.


Compatible with common paint systems

Gardo® Plus can be used prior to all common paint system available on the market. It is ideally suited for powder paints such as polyester, epoxy and mixed systems and liquid paints such as monolayer systems. The latter one fulfills the harsh criteria of the agricultural, construction and earthmoving (ACE) industry. We have also developed pretreatment processes which are compatible with a cathodic or anodic E-Coat.


Industries we serve:

  • Agricultural, Construction & Earthmoving (ACE) industry
  • Appliances and white goods
  • HVAC industy
  • Job Coaters


expect more:

  • Improved quality for short lines (2 stages)
  • Comparable quality to iron-phosphate plus sealer (min 3 stages)
  • Free of phosphates, nickel and chrome
  • VOC-free
  • Multi-metal process




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