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Test Panels Gardobond®

With our Gardobond® test panels, we rank among the internationally leading suppliers of top-quality brand test panels. Customers from the metal working industry and paint manufacturers as well as research institutes have been relying on the uniform high quality of our standardized test substrates for many decades.

With their typical rounded-off corners and their perforations, our Gardobond® test panels have established themselves as the global standard. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from among 150 different panel types. Our test panels are made from continuous annealed, cold-rolled steel, hot-dip galvanized or electro-galvanized steel or aluminum.


Quality assurance – from corrosion protection to paint development

Our Gardobond® test panels are used for the testing of color development, corrosion protection and adhesion of organic coatings, quality assurance of organic coatings in development and production as well as for the quality testing of processes for chemical surface treatment in industrial applications.


Relying on Gardobond® test panels

Companies from the metalworking industry in the same way as manufacturers of paints, varnishes, pigments and synthetic resin coatings as well as research institutes working in the field of surface technology all rely on the constantly high quality of test substrates demonstrated over the years.

Gardobond test panels are available with the following surface properties:

  • oiled
  • degreased
  • with conversion coating
    • phosphated
    • chromated
    • passivated with alkaline agents


  • Brand test panels
  • Constantly uniform quality worldwide – yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Diversity: 150 sheet types with different surface properties




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