Chemetall introduces Gardobond® X 4802/2 RFU, a high-performance and non-chrome pretreatment technology for pre-painted coils

Singapore – May 26, 2022 – The Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF’s Coatings division, operating under the Chemetall brand, introduces a non-chrome pretreatment technology newly developed for the Asia Pacific market – Gardobond X 4802/2 RFU.

As an alternative to chrome-containing coil coating technology, Gardobond X 4802/2 RFU is a water-based, acidic, no-rinse and multi-metal pretreatment technology compatible with substrates such as HDG (hot dip galvanizing) and ZM (zinc-magnesium). It reduces VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission and meets the highest market standards for pre-painted coils used in construction and home appliance industries.

“In Asia Pacific, Chrome(VI) processes have been under stringent scrutiny by the authorities in some countries such as China, Japan and Korea due to their environmental impact. Our new Gardobond X4802/2 RFU technology not only focuses on corrosion inhibition and paint adhesion performances, but also enhances moisture resistance by replacing chrome in the pretreatment process. With in-depth research and substantial application expertise, Chemetall is bringing a solid alternative to the pre-painted coil industry, which is of higher technical performance and quality. We are proud to contribute to the sustainability targets of our customers and the end-users in the region,” said Juergen Herzog, Vice President, Surface Treatment Asia Pacific, BASF.

Gardobond X4802/2 RFU was initially launched in China last year. It is now available to all countries in Asia Pacific.




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Gardobond X4802 2 RFU technology can be applied in home appliance and construction industries

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