Rockwood Holdings and Michigan Economic Development Commission Announce $25 Million Surface Treatment Plant in Michigan

Rockwood Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ROC) and the Michigan Economic Development Commission have announced the decision to build a new state-of-the-art $25 million manufacturing plant in Blackman Township, Michigan, for Rockwood’s Chemetall U.S. Inc. business unit.

The plant will manufacture surface treatment chemicals to pre-treat metal used in the manufacture of durable goods and the cleaning and sanitizing of equipment used in a broad range of US industries.

Commenting on the investment, Rockwood Chairman and CEO Seifi Ghasemi said, “Rockwood believes in the future of manufacturing in the United States and in the state of Michigan and we are demonstrating our commitment to business and the workers of this state with a multi-million dollar investment.”

Joris Merckx, President of Chemetall Surface Treatment, added, “With this investment, Rockwood and Chemetall demonstrate their commitment to set equally high standards around the globe, for both global and local customers, as we recently have done with new plants in Mexico, Brazil and Turkey.”

The new plant will employ 74 individuals from workers to supervisors and chemists. “We are proud of this investment,” said Ron Felber, President, Chemetall US Inc. “Our new plant is a commitment to excellence and a positive statement to our valued customers, employees, and the state of Michigan.”

Chemetall US Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwood Holdings, is a specialty chemical company that supplies industrial products used in the manufacturing of durable goods. These products include metalworking fluids, cleaners, and coatings that prepare metal surfaces for painting. Chemetall also supplies cleaners for the food industry, used to clean and sanitize processing equipment, to the pulp and paper industry for felt and equipment cleaning and general maintenance products.