Checkmor® 240: A New Generation of Color Contrast Penetrant

Chemetall has launched the market introduction of Checkmor® 240 – a new generation, high-sensitivity, low-viscosity colour contrast penetrant. It has excellent surface wetting properties which ensure optimum coverage of the part to be examined. A special feature is its deep red colour developed to maximize optical contrast of indications when viewed against a developer background. Checkmor® 240 is low in odor, making it more agreeable for operators. Environmentally, Checkmor® 240’s formulation is based on bio-degradable surfactants and it is free of APEOs.

Chemetall’s innovative Checkmor® 240 colour contrast penetrant has been specially formulated to improve resistance to over-washing. When using a conventional red dye penetrant, emulsification of the excess penetrant takes place gradually during the washing process. This characteristic often makes it difficult for the operator to decide when all the excess penetrant has been removed. However, with Checkmor® 240 the emulsification point is easier to see due to improved washing characteristics. Initially, Checkmor® 240 resists removal - but once the emulsification point has been reached, the penetrant is quickly removed leaving a clean surface with low background.

Checkmor® 240 can also be removed with S76 solvent penetrant remover thus eliminating the need to have two separate products for water washable and solvent removable techniques. Consequently, it is approved to AMS 2644 (Methods A and C) and in addition, it conforms to many other standards (e.g. EN ISO 3452-2).

In order to achieve the optimum result, Checkmor® 240 should be used in combination with LD7 developer (solvent-based liquid developer). All above-mentioned products are approved according to AMS 2644 and may also be obtained as aerosols.

As one of the leading global suppliers of surface treatment technologies, Chemetall has set a high value on international registrations such as REACH, TOSCA or DSL also for the globally available Checkmor® 240.


Checkmor® is a registered trademark of Chemetall.

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