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Srinivas Vangala

General Manager - Marketing (Metalworking Fluids)


I am currently working as General Manager – Marketing (Metalworking Fluids) India. Also responsible for Business Development for Asia Pacific for Metalworking Fluids. I operate out of India. I am with Chemetall since November 2008.

I handled various assignments during this period, as product manager for NDT, Segment head for Metalworking, cleaners, Rust preventives and aerospace business in India.

This is my third job in my career spanning 23 years.

What I like about Chemetall the most is the openness and the transparency in its working. There is lot of free hand given for decision making and there is a lot of mutual respect among all the employees. I always felt that I am a part of a big family called Chemetall, rather than just another workplace. This is the true spirit of Chemetall which I am proud to be part of.

I had an opportunity to travel to various countries during the last seven years in Chemetall, and I always saw that the values shared by all our employees are the same irrespective of the diverse cultures in which Chemetall operates. I was always made to feel at home in whichever country I travelled to. I have not seen this phenomenon in my previous organizations.

My typical working days involves reviewing the business plan, customer visits, answering the filed queries and provide technical support across Asia Pacific region, coordinating with materials, production and logistics for materials required for selling and also working very closely with the laboratory for new developments and troubleshooting.