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Felix Bao

Automotive Industry Deputy Manager


I joined Shanghai Chemetall in January, 2016. And my current working position is mainly to take responsibility of taking charge of two parts of the automotive industry which includes OEM and automotive component.

After graduating from East China University of Science and Technology in 2002, I started my career to work in BASF Shanghai Coatings which is a coating company leading in the industry of producing automotive coatings in China. Since then, just like all of my respectable forerunners to whom I have always looked upon, I have been making my devotion to China’s automotive industry for over a decade. During these rewarding years, I’m fortunate enough to be the witness of the ups and downs of automotive industry in China, and to be the participant in the fast booming and large expansion of the industry in the past decade as well.

With the precious opportunity of joining Chemetall Shanghai which, upon my surprised observation, truly is more an efficient, professional and value-oriented family than a simple company. As far as the daily working atmosphere is concerned, everyone is sparing no efforts to create value for this organization, through which they incredibly achieve their own values as well. What’s more, joining Chemetall allows me to make more exciting exploration in plenty of areas in which I have always dreamed about to bring my talent to play, in Chemetall I got such chances over and over again which can be barely granted elsewhere. Meanwhile, from my colleagues who are talented, enthusiastic and highly motivated, I also acquired irreplaceable experience that can only be taught by practicing and toiling with them in hand-on working. In addition, their working attitudes that never give up to any difficulty with least chance existing are the direct demonstration of the enterprise spirit of Chemetall as well.

Under the current circumstances that China automotive market growth seems to be going to slow its pace after the worldwide surprising booming over the past decade, and the whole economic environment is also expected to be not so well. However, being in such strongly supportive team full of aggressive warriors as my colleagues and teammates, I am hundred-percent confident and feel firmly backed to reach the sales target with the unsparing efforts from every one of us. Therefore, I would like to have you to be as confident as I am and trust ourselves just like the way that your teammates trust you, with all the above faith and ability, I firmly believe we can make it and to be proud of team and yourself as well.