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Employee interview Brazil


Cristine Tailer

Supply Chain Manager


I am working currently in position of Supply Chain Manager, and for Chemetall since 1996

My employment history at Chemetall Brazil:

From 1996: Executive Assistant for 4 years (till 2001).

From 2001: Creation of the Executive Committee and worked part time as Executive Assistant
to the CEO and part time for the Committee responsible for the Purchase (Importation) Process, and participation in MBA course of international Business.

From 2005: Manager of Procurement and Exportation.

From 2009: Supply Chain Manager (including production, maintenance, purchase and logistic) with a team of 21 people.

In my personal opinion, Chemetall is a company that gives you growing opportunities, you have open spaces learning to know different areas and processes and you can participate in corporative projects. It is a dynamic environment. I hope it never stops.
Chemetall’s employees are multitasking and global thinking employees.

I little bit of my typical working day:
Check the e-mails and prepare the daily agenda; give support to the internal areas; design
strategy, action plans and suppliers meeting; making appointments; participate in worldwide projects.