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High-performance pretreatment processes, process optimization, chemicals management – when it comes to your metal pretreatment, we share with you all our expertise and experience as a leading global surface treatment specialist.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of metal surface treatment products, there is no way you can leave out Chemetall. As a global operating company, we offer you a great variety of technologies for your industrial applications. Our technologies ensure efficient cleaning and meet the exacting demands of our customers for long-lasting corrosion protection. They also offer excellent paint adhesion, forming and processing of metal.


Metal pretreatment – sustainable and effective

For many years now, we have consistently geared our product development to environmentally compatible processes. As a result, our extensive portfolio contains borate-free cleaners as well as nickel- and chrome-free conversion coatings. The latter will play an increasingly important role in the market with a view to environmental protection and workplace safety. The equipment upgrade is simple and our chrome-free technologies such as Gardobond® X 4707 or Oxsilan® often give considerable process cost reductions.


The customer in focus

No matter if you need a metal pretreatment for furniture, garden fences, trains or electrical cabinets - we at Chemetall are at home in many industries. Benefit from our longstanding global experience. You as the customer are in our focus. Our daily efforts are dedicated to your success which in turn is linked to our success. We work with you to develop the optimum process solution to satisfy your quality specifications. Our range is rounded off by extensive technical services and local support.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardobond® conversion coatings
  • Gardoclean® cleaners
  • Gardocool® coolants
  • Gardofloc® paint detackification
  • Gardolene® activation and passivation agents
  • Gardostrip® paint strippers
  • Maintenance chemicals
  • Oxsilan® eco-friendly, multi-metal thin-film technology


  • Eco-friendly processes for cleaning and pretreatment
  • Many companies around the world which are household names rely on Chemetall processes and services
  • Manifold expertise - globally and locally



For decades, yellow and green chromating have been the technologies of choice for the corrosion protection of metals. Rising costs for health, safety and environment as well as changed market demands have resulted in a situation where chromium-free alternatives are increasingly gaining a foothold in the market. A comparison of old vs. new technologies shows why: the eco-friendly technologies show better results in key aspects.
The more stringent environmental legislation as well as the ever more varied metal combinations in applications are giving traditional phosphating processes a hard time. There are, however, sophisticated alternatives, which in terms of quality are not inferior to phosphating and offer clear advantages in terms of efficiency.
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