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Precision Microchemicals

Electronic materials require extreme precision during machining, finishing and cleaning operations. The critical processes of grinding, sawing/wire sawing, lapping, fixed abrasive machining, polishing, CMP (Chemo-Mechanical Polishing/Planarizing), thinning, dicing and cleaning crystalline ingots and wafers, ultimately have a major impact on device performance.

High purity, chemically engineered, coolants, lubricants, abrasive slurries/suspensions and cleaners are available for each machining, finishing and cleaning step (in and post-process) of electronic materials. Crystals, ceramics, glasses, metals and almost all solid materials used in device fabrication across a wide variety of high technology industries are processed with Chemetall Precision Microchemicals’ products.


Choose the right product

Surface perfection and low sub-surface damage is achieved in machining processes with the optimum choice of coolant, lubricant, abrasive slurry and cleaner. Chemetall Precision Microchemicals’ products are engineered for each critical processing step of specific semiconductor and optical/electro-optical crystals.


From California and Singapore to the world

The Precision Microchemicals global business of Chemetall, based in Fremont, CA, USA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, develops and manufactures precision consumables for high technology industries in North America and Europe. A similar R&D and large scale manufacturing facility in Singapore services the South East Asian markets.


Our technology portfolio:


  • Gardoclean® AC15
  • Gardoclean® ACL 227
  • Gardoclean® 31A
  • Gardoclean® 129
  • Gardoclean® MicroClean 105
  • Gardoclean® MicroClean 137
  • Gardoclean® 212
  • Gardoclean® NM-227
  • Gardoclean® PCL 565


  • Sabre® Lube 9016
  • Tech Cool® MicroCut 28-S
  • Tech Cool® MicroCut 57-1S
  • Tech Cool® MicroCut 58
  • Tech Cool® MicroCut 61-V
  • Tech Cool® 707-F

Abrasive Compounds, Slurries & Suspensions

  • ChemePol PTM Polishing Pads
  • MicroLapTM Colloidal Alumina CA Suspension
  • MicroLapTM Colloidal Silica CS Suspension
  • MicroLapTM E Diamond Slurries
  • MicroLapTM Slurries


Industries we serve:

    • Ceramics & Hard, Brittle Materials
    • Lapping & Polishing, Industrial
    • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
    • Magnetic Heads, Recordable Media/HDD
    • Optical & Electro-Optical Components
    • Semiconductors
    • Solar Components
    • Tool, Die & Mold


  • High purity product range
  • For a wide spectrum of materials used in many high-end technology industries
  • Experienced and highly motivated team



Chemetall Precision Microchemicals


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