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Coil Coatings

Primer and topcoat processes play a major role in achieving high-class and durable coil coatings. Based on a variety of polymers, our high performance technologies add an increasing number of long lasting special properties, which add functionality to the prepainted metals.

“Finish first, fabricate later.” This statement describes in simple words the coil coating technology. Nowadays, coil coated products are used in many industries. The largest market for coil coated steel and aluminium is the construction and architectural industry, transport sector and domestic appliance industry.


Prepainted metals for maximum performance

The use of prepainted metals is increasing daily. The coated coils offer excellent exterior durability: The complete system from substrate, pretreatment, primer and topcoat, is optimized for maximum performance. On top of that, the prepainted metals are equipped with an increasing number of long lasting special properties, which add functionality.


High-class coatings to meet different requirements

We offer a wide specialized variety of coatings in a selection of colors which are resistant against corrosion, chemicals and weathering and offer good forming properties, elasticity, and scratch resistance. A required weldability is ensured by means of conductive pigments in the coating.


Coatings based on polymers as basis for high-quality

Our coatings are based on a variety of polymers and can therefore meet the highest level of quality and durability required for coatings used in the architectural and domestic appliance market:

  • PE (polyester)
  • PUR (polyurethane)
  • PUR-PA (polyurethane-polyamid)
  • PVDF (polyvinylidenefluoride)
  • FP (fluoropolymer)


Primer and Topcoat for high-class, durable coil coatings

The primer is applied as a first organic layer after the pretreatment. It assumes a protective function with regard to corrosion protection and acts as an adhesion promoter between the pretreated metal and the topcoat. The product is applied with a paint coater, while at the same time a back-coat is applied.

After the primer film has cooled down, the topcoat is applied in a process similar to the primer. The topcoat protects the metal strip against damage from external influences and provides the coil with certain characteristics.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardo® Protect Primer
  • Gardo® Protect Topcoat


Industries we serve:

  • Architectural and construction industry, such as roofs, facades, ceiling systems, gutters and a variety of ancillary components
  • Transportation
  • Domestic appliance industry
  • Furniture, doors and shutters


  • High-quality, functional coatings based on polymers
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and weathering
  • Good forming properties, elasticity, and scratch resistance
  • Good weldability by means of conductive pigments




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