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Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts metal surfaces into a corrosion-resistant, durable and decorative finish. For your aluminium substrates we offer you a complete range of highly efficient technologies - from cleaning to sealing.

Attractive design possibilities and long-lasting corrosion protection in one: The anodic oxidation offers manifold possibilities for an attractive coloring and a high-performance corrosion protection of the aluminium surface. Benefit from brightening chances for your aluminium substrates.


Anodizing processes - from cleaning to sealing

From the degreasing of the surface to the sealing, from contact clamps via sealing plastic balls to the subsequent cleaner for the anodized surface. We are your one-stop supplier for all needed applications selected to Aluminium finishing.


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardoclean® cleaners (acid, alkaline)
  • Gardo® Etch etchants and etch-additives (E0 Etch, E6 Etch)
  • Gardacid® anodizing-additives (brightening, desmut, anodizing)
  • Gardobond®-Additive H anodizing-additives (brightening, desmut, anodizing)
  • Gardo® Color for coloring (electro-coloring, dye coloring)
  • Gardo® Seal for sealing (cold sealing, hot sealing)


Industries we serve:

  • Aluminium Finishing
  • Architectural construction
  • Automotive


  • Outstanding cleaning and surface finish uniformity
  • Long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Superior bath life
  • Reduction of alkaline and acidic fumes
  • Eco-friendly technologies




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