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Aluminium Finishing for the Architectural and Construction Industries

Aluminium pretreatment and anodizing with Chemetall products will give you perfect surfaces. Excellent adhesion and durable corrosion performance are achieved with Chemetall’s approved products and customized processes. A complete product portfolio is available for all types of aluminium finishing applications, e.g. prior to paint, wet paint and powder-paint processes. The Gardobond® X product family and Oxsilan® AL 0510 combine eco-friendly properties (chrome-free, heavy-metal-free) to process advantages (e.g. multi-metal applications).

Nowadays, aluminium is all around us in our everyday life – in the buildings we work and live in, in our cars, at leisure. Due to its combination of advantageous properties – like low density, high strength, great formability, easy machinability, corrosion resistance to name but a few – aluminium has become one of the most widely used metals worldwide for many industries.

Pretreatment and anodizing with Chemetall’s specifically designed products and processes for the Architectural and Construction Industries even enhance these great aluminium advantages.

With decades of experience in treating metal substrates, Chemetall is recognized as an environmentally-sound and game-changing technology supplier to the Aluminium Finishing Industry. We are proud of our association with leading companies and associations throughout the world. Everywhere in the world, our aluminum finishing experts work in close partnership with you, our customers, to satisfy your specific requirements for the pre-treatment prior to paint and anodic oxidation of your aluminium surfaces.


Chemetall’s aluminium pretreatment prior to paint makes perfect surfaces

Perfect adhesion and long-term corrosion protection are typical requirements for aluminium pre-treatment. Whether you select one of Chemetall’s conventionally chromated or environmentally-friendly passivation processes: our products for the pretreatment of aluminium prior to the coating process provide a long-lasting paint adhesion. For wet paint and for powder paint processes, you can rely on the great variety of our product range and on our long-standing experience.


Leading pre-treatment technologies for health, the environment and quality

Chemetall customers can choose between different, customized, eco-friendly and reliable solutions for our modern-life challenge: to achieve processes which are high performing, safe and environmentally sound.

To name but a few of our leading-edge product families: Chemetall’s Gardobond X series of chrome-free pretreatments for aluminium help you meet your most demanding quality goals while eliminating heavy metals to reduce SHE costs and risks. Oxsilan® AL 0510 offers an outstanding multi-metal solution for the pretreatment of aluminium for architecture and construction, which is free of chrome, phosphates and hazardous heavy metals. And if you are looking for a borate-free cleaner, the Gardoclean® product family will have the right solution for you.


Anodizing aluminium

Attractive design and long-lasting corrosion protection: the anodic oxidation – anodizing - offers manifold possibilities for an attractive coloring and a high-performance corrosion protection for your aluminium surfaces. Chemetall products help you optimize your anodizing process, for instance the Gardo® Etch additive for alkaline etching or our Gardo® Seal Series for hot-sealing processes.

Chemetall is your one-stop supplier of specifically formulated and customized products and processes for all your anodizing applications. We make your processes even more efficient and your aluminium surfaces aesthetic and bright in form and function.


Industries we serve:

  • Architectural
  • Construction


Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardobond® X
  • Gardoclean®
  • Gardo® Seal
  • Oxsilan® AL


  • Prior-to-paint, wet paint, powder-paint applications
  • Eco-friendly products (chrome-free, borate-free, heavy-metal-free)
  • Multi-metal solutions
  • One-stop supplier
  • Years of experience
  • Global presence, local support





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