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Employee Interview Italy


Daniele Longo


My name is Daniele Longo and I am working for Chemetall Italia
I’ve been working on surface treatment market for 25 years, and after having experienced two international companies and a local one, I joined Chemetall Italy last January 2016. I’m currently working as Automotive Components Division Manager for the Italian Market and I’m involved in Metal Working Fluid Business.

I choose Chemetall
I like the idea of working for a company, who leads and addresses the Market, rather than following it. While I’m working, I strongly have the perception that someone at Chemetall is developing what I’ll sell in the next 5 years and this makes the difference!

I like my job
It gives me the opportunity of sharing experiences, information, knowledges and culture with different kind of people, be them colleagues, customers or competitors. I like an environment where individual initiative is promoted, like here!

What can I aspect from my job
Chemetall is a place where I can increase my competence, learn continuously and get new instruments and new opportunities to grow. Our team working activity helps us to collect strengths to approach continuously new challenges. I’m sure I also have the opportunity to transfer my experience to new young emerging colleagues.

A famous Gandhi’s sentence that I always keep in my mind says: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.“